Gennaro Maione is an Italian dancer and choreographer who was born in Naples in 1989. He received training as a ballet and contemporary dancer at "Ballet Teatro Scuola Rossella Rossi" in Naples. To refine his skills, he attended seminars, lectures, and workshops in Berlin at the contemporary dance schools Tanzfabrik and Dock 11, and in Brussels at DCJ contemporary dance school, Thor company, and Pina Bausch company.

He began his dance career in Italy with the International Dance Company Körper, Collettivo Nada, Balletto di Napoli, Mp3 project, Dignità autonome di prostituzione, AZ dance works, and Napoli Teatro Festival. Abroad, he worked as a dancer with PVC Tanz, Karine Saporta company, Labo DSN company, and RBS company. Additionally, he worked in Brussels as a performer with A. Dolores Marcelis.

In 2012, he started his career as a choreographer, participating in various national and international festivals (Italy, Germany, Belgium, USA, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria). He has been a co-worker, choreographer, and performer for Palco 11zero8. Since 2014, he has been the creator of GMW (Gennaro Maione works), formed with the intent to propose projects and new ideas with a distinct artistic identity. He has worked as a choreographer and teacher for Movimento Danza, Art Garage, Opificio Certificate Program, Ocram Dance Movement, Dance Company Körper, Derida Dance Center, Moncalvo in Danza, CPRB - Contemporary Project, and for a dance piece directed by Teresa Olavarrieta.

In 2019, he performed for "Aerowaves Spring Forward" and was accepted as a member of the International Dance Council of CID UNESCO. His goal is to further develop his own choreographic language, which he has been nurturing over the last few years, and to continue reflecting on the ideas, inspirations, and influences that cross his path.

'I offer a space for the creative process to take place, for contact with oneself, sensitivity and expression, without pretensions or judgements, where everything is possible.'